Tarot Reading…

If you would like me to do a Tarot Reading for you please contact me via email at iammaleenaeve@gmail.com. I will email you all the details. At this stage I am only doing readings via email.

Email Tarot Readings

$25 for 3 card reading

1 question only

Please read through the reviews below.

19 thoughts on “Tarot Reading…

  1. Maleena’s reading for me was super accurate!! I’ve re-read over it numerous times because I can’t believe how spot on it is! It also helped give me clarity in an uncertain time, thanks again 🙂 I was a skeptic at first but highly recommend you give her a try!

  2. Maleena was spot on with my reading, I was initially a skeptic as I’ve never had a reading done but everything was soooo accurate and the words were a comfort to me moving forward in my life! Thanks again 🙂 highly recommend!

  3. I got a reading from her this morning. It was quite relatable and she had given me some advice to follow too. She’ll become a great reader in the near future. Thanks ma’am

  4. I had a wonderful experience with Maleena. We met through Instagram and she kindly offered me a reading.

    Everything she said was accurate, she discussed my hermit like traits and how I often isolate myself from the world. That I am learning to be kinder to myself and I’ve recently experienced a shift, she also discussed the fact that I had studied which I had only just finished doing.

    I would highly recommend Maleena for a professional and accurate service 🙏✨

  5. Ms Eve you were spot on! The advice you gave and the cards that were read was truly remarkable. During such a turbulent year your readings grounded my thoughts and kept me on the path of positive thinking. Thank you for your guidance and sharing with me your passion and knowledge XX

  6. Honestly my heart was thumping in my chest .. thankyou for giving me the encouragement, support and reassurance I needed to continue along my journey to find true happiness with confidence. Your ability to know what is deep in my heart and the struggles I have within myself is uncanny and I am grateful you have the intuition to see me x

  7. I am very much thankful for the detailed reading she provided. What all she told me was exactly the situation and i was little stressed. After the reading i got relaxed. Thank you so much for the reading and may u be bless with more energies and power

  8. Maleena gave me a very personal and encouraging message because I’m lucky enough to have a connection with her.
    It was a perfect mixture of reminding me of past hurdles I’ve faced, burdens I need to let go of and encouragement for future celebrations.
    The reading was very deep and emotional, but exactly what I needed to hear in my current situation.
    I’ll be recommending her services and definitely looking to her for some encouragement in the future.
    Thanks Maleena ❤️

  9. I am super honored to be able to do a reading for you Maz. Our connection made it a very different experience for me and I reached a whole new level of spiritual vibration.
    Thank you 🙏🏽

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