Forgiving & Releasing – A Clean Slate…

I forgive myself for not forgiving and releasing things that no longer or ever served me well.

I forgive myself for not being confident enough to continue writing how I felt (truthfully).

I forgive myself for not realizing that I needed to write as a creative outlet to release my fears and not only help myself but others as well.

I forgive myself for being afraid of being my TRUE self and worrying about the judgement I may receive for following a “different” path.

I release all the old beliefs I held on for so long, ancestral, parental, religious, peer, social. All those beliefs that never made me feel safe and secure but only brought fear and guilt and lies. I release those and the bad feelings I had towards those I blindly followed.

I will no longer have the conflict and fights inside my head over what is deemed wrong or right, but choose only what is right for me and me only.  I choose love over fear, love for my mind, body and soul.  My soul will achieve the promise it made when it chose my body to fulfill this part of its life journey.

I am willing to release old negative beliefs.

They are only thoughts that stand in my way.

My new thoughts are positive and fulfilling. 

Louise Hay


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