New Moon Rituals…

new moon
New Moon January 25 2020 Australia courtesy

I’m coming out of the “Woo Woo” closet tonight with the New Moon.  I have been studying all the things I was interested in as a kid and told that they were EVIL.  Now I am following my heart and accepting what resonates with me.  Astrology and the Energy of the Universe is so beautiful and it was used for working out when to plant seeds, when to harvest, when women would get their periods, navigation and so many other good things.

This New Moon is the first of the year and is a great time to set intentions for the year to come (plant seeds). Let go of the old and start the new, stop being afraid of what others think, there will always be Judges and most of the time they are the ones who say judging is a SIN.

One of my intentions this year is to be consistent with this blog and share what I am learning about myself.  Another is to become more familiar with the Moon, Stars and Planets and to learn from the PAST to have a fantastic PRESENT.

This year I will “pull my finger out” and do what I want and trust that everything will fall into place. Follow MY dreams and NOT the path of others. This is MY life and in order to be HAPPY, I need to LIVE it.

Be ready to read about Astrology, the Tarot, Past Lives, Crystals and Spiritual Healing.

Now use this New Moon to release any old beliefs that don’t serve you anymore, forgive yourself and others and set New intentions for 2020.  If you have crystals pop them outside in the moonlight or on your windowsill to get energized.


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