Intentions for March…

Monthly Intentions Spread @biddytarot

In the past 3 months I’ve been doing some serious soul searching and discovering what does and doesn’t work for me. For instance I now know that I need physical reminders to help me dig deep inside myself for my truth. Take the Tarot, I used to think these cards were evil and could tell you the future ( Satan would work through the reader). But since reading about and studying the art of Tarot myself, I’ve learned that each card has a meaning that corresponds with something in my life and I can pick a card and use it as a reminder to spend more time on myself, show more care towards others, take better care of my health, find my highest self. They make me think more deeply about things in my past and how I can use my past to move forward and also they remind me to learn from my mistakes and to let go of the things that hold me back. The cards don’t tell me who, what, where and how, they tell me that all I need is inside me by the meaning of the card giving me ideas on what I can work on in my life.

So far, every card I have chosen from the Tarot deck has clarified what I already know. In fact everything I’ve written on this blog this year has the same theme. In order for me to experience transformation, I need to forgive and let go. And all the tools I need for that are right inside me. And my intuition is my strength.

The Tarot spread above is a Monthly Intentions Spread I found on @biddytarot on Instagram.

Think of your intentions for the month coming up. Then the cards from left to right:

1. What worked in the past month?

2. What didn’t?

3. What have I learned?

4. What is the theme for the month?

For the next 3 cards set your intentions and see if the cards match your intentions.

My cards reminded me how far I’ve come this year in learning new skills, loving myself and learning to let go of beliefs that no longer serve me.

I believe that releasing and letting go is a big theme for everyone as the collective this year.

If you love Tarot, try out this spread and let me know what theme you end up with and if it resonates with you.


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