My First Tarot Reading…

Last week I did my first tarot reading for a complete stranger. It was nerve racking to say the least, but even though I am a total novice, I wanted to see if my intuition was serving me well. In other words I didn’t trust myself or my intuition. I also wanted to test what I had learned about the Tarot Cards and see if I could string a story together.

So, it all started one morning when I was texting a very close friend and I asked her if she knew anyone who would like a free reading. She text me back saying she knew just the person. I gave her my email address and within an hour I had my first client (paying with a review).

When I opened the email I found my very first question, “When am I going to meet my soulmate?” I thought back to every story I’d heard from professional Tarot Readers and they all say this is the most popular question they get. I had to think about a different way to ask the question because I’m not comfortable telling people dates. So I asked the querent if this question worked for them “What does (name) need to know in order to find someone to share her life with?” She was fine with that.

I set up my Tarot reading space, did a little meditation and shuffled the cards while asking the all important question. I took three cards from the top of the deck and laid them out under my crystals. These are the cards that came up:

Seven of wands, Judgement, Eight of wands
Smith-Waite Tarot

When I started writing I was a little unsure of how I was interpreting the cards. I took my time looking at each card and listened to my intuition and wrote and wrote and wrote… I was pleased with the final outcome so I pressed send and waited for my clients response. It was a long wait, but totally worth it. My client was so happy with what I said, she was surprised how accurate I was with some of her past issues. I’m so pleased 😊.

I’m curious to know how others would read/interpret this spread. If you are a Tarot reader novice-professional please leave your take on these cards in the comments below.


2 Comments on “My First Tarot Reading…”

  1. I would say your client has more important things to deal with right now before she seeks love and belonging with another person. Well done on taking the plunge and trialing your professional Tarot reading skills! 🙂

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