Knight of Wands…

Knight of Wands from Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck


Upright: Determination, energetic, impulsiveness, passionate.

Reversed: Anger, ego, frustration, pessimism.

Let’s Go! We’ve got this! That’s what I see in this illustration of the Knight of Wands. He’s in a hurry to join the rest of his army to fight for and protect those who need it. Even his beautiful horse is excited to join in the action.

There’s no rest for this Knight, always on the move. There’s a fire under his butt urging him on. His passion to be the hero and protector keep him going. He won’t stop until it’s done.

He is a leader, he will encourage others to keep going, stay alert, don’t stop yet.

He has confidence and knows what he wants and nothing is going to stop him from accomplishing it.

There’s a problem however with go, go, go…

The Knight can only keep going until his body and his horse says “no more, I need rest to fight another day.” This card may turn up in a spread reversed and I suggest it is time to take a step back , look at what you have achieved so far, be proud. Now take some time to rest, all the problems will still be there tomorrow. You are still a hero. If you keep pushing on this way you will only become frustrated and angry, not only with yourself but anyone or anything nearby. You don’t want to do or say something you’ll regret.

I noticed the lizards i the top corners of the card and did a little research. They mean: vision in the midst of action and they are a reminder that big results come from small conscious efforts.


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