Tarot Reading from the Mediterranean

Wow! Finally the adventure we have been talking about doing for the last 5 years is finally happening. Whether it goes the way we planned or not … well that will be another story to share.

My partner and I have been discussing following his dream of sailing a boat in the Mediterranean for the last 5 years. In 2020 we almost did it but Covid hit and the dream was put on hold. This year as the world opens up again we decided to take the plunge. We leave Australia mid April for London then off to wherever we believe we can find our perfect boat (no such thing). More than likely Greece because that is where we think majority of the boats will be available. We are aiming at 6 months this year.

So as I still need some sort of income, I decided what better way than to offer tarot readings that I can do on a boat. I will receive requests for readings via DM on instagram or email iammaleenaeve@gmail.com. Or payment through this website. I will do a 30 minute or 1 hour reading for you and write it all down, then email it to you as a pdf file, no need for an appointment. Once I have received your payment I will send your reading within 7 days.

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