2023 for Taurus…

2023 for Taurus ♉️
Cards by @agniprasadaburning #blacklinetarot


The Tower

The beginning of 2023 came as a shock to you Taurus. Maybe a sudden change in your life has pushed you into thinking about what’s really important to you. Perfection can make you complacent. I’m not saying everything was perfect in your life but instead you want everything to be perfect. But what is perfection?

Working harder than anyone else to reach this perfection means you neglect what is already perfect in your life. Take this time of upheaval to think about what you and others actually need from YOU.


The Chariot

Your efforts have not been in vain and you haven’t been alone. People will notice what you’ve been working on, don’t give up because your reward will be recognition. You’re probably thinking “but I’ve been doing the same thing for a long time “, well now is the right time for others to see and for you to realise it was worth the wait.


Seven of Wands

Recognition brings jealousy. You’ll need to be strong this month. Stand your ground, don’t give in to others taunts. You worked hard to get here, believe in yourself Taurus.


Four of Wands

Family is important to you more than ever this month. Returning “home” will bring you the comfort you’ve been seeking. Perhaps the passion you’ve lost for something/someone will return when you are surrounded by love.


Two of Pentacles

Keep grounded this month. What is it you like doing that connects you to the elements, fire, water, air, earth? Incorporate these into everyday, do something for yourself. So that when imbalance arises you won’t be overwhelmed.


5 of Wands

It’s best to find a way to work with others this June. It won’t all come together if you refuse to combine your skills and think that you know best. Your way May not be the only way, allow others to contribute by doing what they do best.


Six of Pentacles

You’ve got control over your finances but in order for your nest egg to grow you need to invest. Weigh up the options to find what investments work for you. One that helps you work a little less and have time to do what you love will be best.


Five of Swords

You may have a bit of conflict over what’s right and wrong this month. Is what you want to do going to benefit you at someone else’s expense? Is it worth it? Especially when it’s only for a short term solution.


The Hierophant

This month is a good month to seek advice from those who are authorities in whatever you are wanting to find out or pursue. A mentor can show you the right direction but keep in mind ultimately you hold the keys to your success.


Ace of Pentacles

Connect to your element of earth this month. It is important for you to have a way to stay grounded Taurus. You are strong and protective but no one likes to be around a raging bull.


Ten of Cups

This month has you thinking of family again. There will be plenty of time to spend with your loved ones. Do something to bring your family together. There might be a big celebration to prepare for.


The Hermit

You’ll be searching for what’s next in December. Again this card is a reminder to find time for yourself, real time to meditate or journal, to slow things down. You will find a way, you will also have many goals you want to achieve in 2024. But take the time to see which is the one you’ve been wanting to achieve every year. Make this one a priority for 2024, you know the one I’m talking about. You’ve worked hard through 2023, you deserve to finally achieve this particular dream.

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