2023 for Aries…

All will be posted by 14 January

2023 for Aries ♈️
Cards by @agniprasadaburning #blacklinetarot



The lessons you learned through 2022 have given you the strength to face your fears and take steps to actually achieving what you are passionate about. Your mind is strong, those thoughts that may have stopped you in your tracks before, no longer have that power over you.


5 of Cups

All is not lost. You may feel disappointed in the way you went about things but do not fear. This month you will find out that there are other ways to achieve your goals. You still have options to choose from.


9 of Pentacles

You will start to be noticed in March from all the hard work you’ve been doing. This can be financially, physically, mentally. For example: finances from career or hobby, physical from work on your health or tending a garden and things are growing, mentally from working on your mental health and feeling more positive and strong. There will be more growth from anything you have been working hard towards with diligence.


Six of Pentacles

Finding balance isn’t always easy but in the month of April you’ll find that you can share what you’ve achieved with others. Perhaps share the wealth or find others who can help share the load. Sharing the load allows you to have time to do something for yourself, you don’t have to work so hard now, find a way to get back into nature and ground yourself so you can move through the bumps in the road you may encounter.


The Tower

A sudden change can knock you off balance in May and it may feel like everything you planned for has been destroyed. But this month stay strong, sometimes things need to be shaken up so we notice where we need to focus. Just when you feel like everything is perfect, don’t become complacent, even perfection needs work. In order for roses to bloom the bush need pruning.


The Sun

Even after the darkest of nights the sun still rises. This is the happiest card in the deck. The sun reveals all the beauty in the world but also what isn’t quite right. You’ll see what needs work in your life and when you work on it, that passion and joy will return. You may even have a wish come true.


Ace of Cups

If you are looking for love or in a relationship already I believe the universe is filling your heart to overflowing this month. Be open to new ideas of romance, notice the little things. Perhaps what you thought didn’t fit what you wished for, now does. Will it hurt to try something new for love?


Ten of Swords

Be aware of those closest to you who don’t have what’s best for you in their hearts. If you feel like someone is not being truthful or is playing games to make you feel less worthy. It’s time to move on. It hurts to have close ones stab you in the back so be cautious about what you share and who you can trust this month.


The Moon

This month you’ll meet others who share your beliefs. Finding your “pack” will reveal more to you than you thought. You’ll find a place where you feel at home surrounded by others who understand you and want you as a part of their team. You are a welcome addition. This may be a new hobby, class, community or even career. Also, there’s a sense that something you feel has been hidden from you swill be revealed.


Three of Cups

Gather your tribe this month, you have something to celebrate and be grateful for together. Even if it’s just celebrating each other. These are the ones who’ve stuck by you through thick and thin, even your bad moods (don’t shoot the messenger). You are lucky to have these people in your life, appreciate them.


Six of Cups

Remember the hiccup back in February? When things went a little off course? It’s worked out now. You pushed through and found that other path that led you to the same destination. In fact by taking the other, possibly more difficult path you’ve found out more about yourself. Sometimes going back helps us move forward.


Ace of Swords

What’s this? A new idea? Just as you’ve started to finish one project another one arrives at the end of the year. The strength and courage you have built up during the past months prepares you for this new project. You’ve achieved that goal, perhaps many goals because you stayed strong. Continue staying strong and you’ll conquer 2024 as well.

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