2023 for Cancer

2023 for Gemini
Cards by @agniprasadaburning #blacklinetarot


King of Pentacles

This month you are connecting more to your spirituality through grounding. You may have come across that journal you were given last year and this month you feel compelled to start writing. You will also feel pulled to spend time in nature, this will do your soul good.


Eight of Wands

I feel like February is going to be a fast moving month for you. The eight of wands usually means there are messages coming to you about something good. My feeling is that a job offer that incorporates what you are passionate about is coming.


Seven of Wands

This month you will be in a position of power and respect. Some people may not think you deserve it because they believe they do. Don’t allow their jealousy to make you think you are not worthy. You are the right person for the position, they will soon discover that as well and the hard feelings will go away.


Eight of Pentacles

This will be a good month to study if you are thinking of upgrading your skills. A situation may come up that you aren’t prepared for but by taking a short refresher course, you will be fine. In fact more courses may come your way because others see how committed you are to be the best person for the job and they are willing to invest in you.


Three of Cups

A reason to get your friends together to celebrate this month. Enjoy it, you deserve to let your hair down and have fun.


The Hierophant

Traditionally this card is marriage, so if you and a significant other have been talking about making a commitment to each other this is the month. If not, you could be seeking advice from mentors. One of your mentors will hold the key to the answer you’ve been seeking so don’t shy away from asking.


Two of Pentacles

Things may have been feeling off balance for you and that’s why you sought advice in June. This month you find your balance . You work out how and what you need to do to find time for yourself. Also if finances have been weighing you down, this month you’ll find where you can make adjustments to get back on track.


Six of Swords

You will remove yourself from a situation that has been troubling you for a while now. You’ve realised that staying put is not going to change things. This may be a short get away to clear your head or a relocation to start anew. Either way by the end of August you’ll feel calmer.


Queen of Pentacles

Your connection to nature is strong this month, i feel like you’ve continued what you started in January to feel grounded and it’s working for you. Continue doing whatever it is to stay on your path. Knowing how to ground yourself is important.


The Tower

The Tower card is not something to fear. The message I’m getting for you is really just a kind warning. If you are feeling stuck or bored, shake things up this month, take a leap of faith to change your situation. Sometimes universe sees you are stuck and shakes things up for you if you don’t do something yourself. In fact quite often it’s universe saying- You asked for something to change, so we sent you the tools and ideas. You ignored them or became complacent. So we decided to give you a little push.


The Star

That leap of faith, whether taken on your own or with a little nudge by universe has turned out to be just what you needed. This month you are being noticed because you are standing out from the crowd. Don’t dim your light for anyone , this is your time to shine.


Page of Cups

You’ve been noticed Cancer. Others have seen your light and want to be near you this month. You will have abundance in love from everyone close to you. You won’t feel alone and you’ll feel appreciated. Your cup will be full with love for yourself too and you’ll be able to share that love with others.

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