2023 for Gemini

2023 for Gemini
Cards by @agniprasadaburning #blacklinetarot


The Magician

You don’t need others to get what you need this month. You have all the tools within yourself to make your dreams come true. Trust in your power. Everything you need to get it done is at your fingertips. Use your initiative to get things moving.


The Chariot

You are in control this month. Take the reins to move in the direction your heart wants to go. Just because others haven’t noticed what you’ve done so far, doesn’t mean you don’t need recognition. But the only recognition that counts is your own.


Three of Wands

I feel like your passion about something/someone is making you feel like you want more this month. You may be planning to travel further afield for a job or career or finding a way to do something you love remotely so you can travel at the same time. If it’s someone, you might plan to move closer to this person.


King of Pentacles

This month finds you needing connection to the earth. You have grounding skills that have worked in the past, pick them up again. Also if you’ve decided to travel through places of natural beauty you will feel a connection to those places, your heart will feel at peace.


Ace of cups

New feelings of love arise this month. If you are single i feel like the universe is sending someone your way that is going to make your heart flutter. If you are in a relationship new feelings of love towards that person may arise. Keep your heart open for change and a new way of looking at love.


Six of Swords

Moving, traveling, going somewhere new can be overwhelming but once you settle in you will find calm. Sometimes removing yourself from a situation that no longer serves you is all you need to find peace. Do what is best for you.


Five of Cups

If things haven’t gone exactly to plan, look within, there are other ways to get where you want to be. All is not lost, you will find a solution.


Queen of Swords

You mind is clearer this month. You’ve found your solution and you are moving forward with it without hesitation. I also get the feeling that someone is trying to manipulate you this month, but you have the upper hand because you already know what they are trying to do and you are going to stand your ground.


Ten of Wands

You will feel like the work will never end on a certain project or idea you have. Keep going because you’re almost done. In fact you will see it all coming together in September.


Two of Wands

The hard work has been done. Don’t lose sight of why you started this journey in the first place. Having a passion for something can be difficult if you aren’t seeing things come together how you anticipated. But look and see it is, maybe not exactly how you wanted but others are starting to see your vision.



Someone may try to take ownership of the hard work you’ve done this month. Don’t let fear stop you from fighting for what is rightfully yours. Listen to your heart , you will know what to do. Justice will prevail and your world will be balanced again.


Eight of Wands

A message you’ve been waiting for this year finally arrives. You may have some urgent, exciting travel to plan. The time is finally here, your hard work and patience has been worth it.

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