2023 for Leo…

2023 for Leo
Cards by @agniprasadaburning #blacklinetarot


Six of Pentacles

This month you want to keep control of your finances. I get the feeling you are thinking a little for me , a little for that. You are beginning to understand that balance between working hard and having fun. Weigh up your options, how best can you serve yourself but also perhaps have a little to be charitable with. Sometimes Leo you can be too generous with your time and you spread yourself thin to make others happy. Remember to keep some for you.


Five of Wands

Black feathers mean transformation, you may see black feathers this month. You may be feeling that there is a lot of chaos in your life, it’s part of your transformation. Slow down, organise and prioritise what is important.


Eight of Swords

You can’t blame others for the situation you are in this month. You may be feeling sorry for yourself Leo but only you can get yourself out of this. Stop overthinking, remove the blindfold you put on yourself, see that you are not trapped, you can walk away from situation freely. Make those changes, believe in yourself, you have the strength.


Ace of Swords

Working on how you think of things this month will bring you clarity. Having a new perspective will bring new ideas. Think clearly about what you want and how you can get there. It will come to you and you’ll have a better outlook.


The Star

All that positive thinking you did last month puts you in a new position. You are feeling more confident and wanting to put more of yourself out there. Your true self will bring more freedom. Being vulnerable with someone this month will bring you closer, not only to them but to you. Vulnerability can be a strength, use it to your advantage.


The Tower

Now you are feeling more confident, it is time to take a leap of faith. You’ve been stuck in this same way of life for too long Leo. It’s time to make those changes, so that thing you’ve been talking about for what could be years. Transformation is coming for you , you may be surprised or you may surprise others. Bring that lion/lioness out, the change is going to be beneficial.


Queen of Pentacles

Transformation can be energy draining. Take time this month to reconnect to nature/universe by grounding. Focus on what brings you joy, you can afford to spoil yourself this month.


Five of Swords

Don’t betray yourself this month by allowing others to get into your head. You’ve worked too hard to let go of so many things this year. Someone close to you might not be happy for you, you’ll know who it is. When you move on from them it will be a positive in your life, you will not lose anything, they will.


Ace of Cups

Open your heart, universe is sending you love. The work you’ve done to love yourself more this year is to allow others to love you. Love comes in all shapes and forms, notice it, don’t keep closed off the way you always do. You deserve love and you are worthy of it Leo.


Knight of Swords

Don’t be too quick to judge. You don’t need to be on your guard all of the time, protecting yourself from possible harm. Sometimes a good deed is done for no other reason than just out of love and kindness. Stand down, don’t be in a rush to defend yourself. This month someone is there to help you not hinder you.


Seven of Wands

Don’t shy away from being promoted or given more responsibility just because others don’t think you deserve it. You’ve worked too hard on your confidence to be knocked down so easily.


Nine of Wands

Leo you work so hard at keeping those walls up to protect your heart that you don’t leave space for someone else to get in. Aren’t you tired and lonely? Perhaps stop going back for the same things, stop fighting the same battle. Has it been worth it? Is it time to fight for something else and let this one go? This month rest lovely Leo, instead of working harder to put up more walls, let someone in to help break them down. Believe in love and trust that you have the strength not to break.

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