Fear no longer controls me…

Ok, maybe it does but a fraction of what it did.

Since my post last week Led by Fear I have been more aware of when I am letting fear get the better of me. For instance, the string of the courtesy flag we fly on the mast of our sailboat broke and it needed to be replaced. I could have let my fear of going up the mast stop me and make me do the hard job of winching the captain up there instead or let him winch me up and save myself a lot of back pain. I decided this time I would go up the mast, let’s face it this time it was only a third of the way up, so not too high. I surprised the captain when I offered to go up. I have to admit while he winched me up the mast I felt a little apprehensive but once up there all I needed to do was reach across, thread the string through the pulley, and let him lower me back down on deck slowly.

I must admit while I was up there it felt quite exciting and I thought for just a second how fun it might be to go a little higher 😊.

Another fear conquered, starting the engine on the tender by myself. I can now start the engine on my own confidently. I am still getting the hang of bringing the tender up to the shore . But I’m sure I’ll have it worked out in a few weeks. Then not only am I taking responsibility off the captain’s shoulder but also giving myself some freedom here.

What fear have you pushed aside this week? And by doing so, what have you achieved?


A third of the way up the mast.

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