Getting to know myself in my 40s is exciting, scary and enlightening.  Up until recently I have followed everybody else’s rules and beliefs and lied not only to them but to myself from a very young age.  The lies have eaten away at my soul and kept me from truly enjoying life and being who I am meant to be.

The struggle of being in constant conflict in my mind has literally driven me crazy at times- Am I choosing not to do something because in my past someone or something has told me it is evil?  Am I not taking the risk because I don’t want to or because someone told me it wasn’t good for me? Is something good or evil? Do I believe its good or evil or have I simply been told by others throughout my life that some things are good and some are evil? Am I able to make decisions for myself? – You see! Those questions can actually be quite debilitating and I give up and don’t make any decisions, I just ignore it and wait for it to happen again.

Now I have found my spirituality through Tarot and Astrology.

In this blog you will see past posts of some of my ups and downs.  You can go back and read them or you can join me from 2020 and my “clean slate” from forgiveness and release.

I promise to be totally honest and be my true self here, be aware that I do use colorful language, I won’t apologize for it because it’s how I speak and I won’t change that for you or anyone else …


*I am Maleena Eve.

I am Maleena Eve

1 Comments on “About…”

  1. Hey Maleena 💛
    Once again you nailed it!! You are a ray of sunshine to me, the way you’re not only honest but really helpful. Thank you for brightening my day!
    Words can’t even express my thanks, but I hope this will help show you how grateful I am for you.
    Thank you for helping me and being so insightful into what’s actually going on with me.
    Love your work, I definitely recommend you to anyone who’s unsure or has questions that needs answering or having a perspective on things! ✨✨🙌🏼💛


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