Wheel of Fortune

Have you felt the shift in your life from mid January Aquarius? I don’t believe we have good or bad luck but I do believe we go through cycles in life. Things should feel like they are getting better this month. Whatever you’ve felt stuck in , you’ll start to see a way forward.


Page of Cups

New love or a fresh start within an established relationship is on the cards for you this month. You will start to feel more enthusiastic about how your love life is evolving. Take a look at what you can offer in your relationships. If you’ve been feeling lonely, notice the abundance of love that surrounds you and reach out for it.


Queen of Swords

Listen to your guides this month and trust your thoughts/decisions. You have clarity this month. Don’t let self doubt cloud your judgement. You may have thoughts / ideas that flit in and out and others may think your head is in the clouds but pay attention to your thoughts this month Aquarius, you have some great ideas you can work on.


Eight of Cups

This month you realise that some matters of the heart can’t be fixed and it’s time to let go of relationships that no longer work for you. It’s a difficult decision and a long journey for healing from it but once you’ve left it behind you’ll see it was worth the struggle. This is not necessarily an intimate relationship, it can be a long going difficult relationship with family, friends, work colleagues, addiction, bad habits etc… Letting go is the way forward.



Perhaps that idea you had back in March (if you pursued it) is making others that doubted you start to recognise the wisdom in it. The pros for this idea are starting to outweigh the cons. I have a feeling that those who have always thought Aquarius was a bit of an airhead (don’t shoot the messenger) are going to do a 180 and apologise for their misjudgment. Try to be humble about it Aquarius 😊.


Queen of Cups

There’s a bit of a pattern in your reading of showing the world that you are more than a pretty face and having a better relationship with yourself and others. This month you’ve healed from letting go of toxic relationships and have decided to let new people into your space. You have new boundaries in place and are being discerning of who deserves to be in relationship with you Aquarius. Just don’t make it so difficult to get close to you that everyone runs in the other direction. Healthy boundaries not high impenetrable walls.


Two of Swords

Protecting yourself by avoiding making decisions is only going to put you back to feeling stuck. The decision you are avoiding is not a difficult one and even if it were, avoiding it won’t make it go away. Face it head on, decide what’s best for you and trust your decision.


Four of Wands

You’ll be looking within to find what you are truly passionate about this month. Perhaps going back to somewhere you love will help you find it. It’s time to build on your passion and see what you can harvest from it. You may even find a celebration of sorts is in the cards this month.


Nine of Cups

Be proud of what you’ve achieved this month but don’t be cocky about it. No one likes to be around a show off Aquarius. If this is an “I told you so” situation, you may find that keeping that to yourself will work in your favour.


Seven of Cups

Another decision but this time, so many choices. Think about what you truly want from your heart and make your decision from there. What will work in the long term may be better. Don’t let the myriad of choices overwhelm you.


Queen of Wands

Your passion for life makes you a magnet this month. Others will want to be with you just because of your love and kindness. Be careful of those who will take advantage of that.


Three of Swords

You may be triggered by a past hurt this month. Notice it and see that it doesn’t hurt so much anymore. You’ve already been healing from it and the wound is smaller. You may have thought the decision you made in this situation was wrong but trust yourself now, the lesson you learned has made you stronger. You ARE moving on from it. Believe in yourself Aquarius.

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