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2021 was difficult for me

2021 was probably more difficult than 2020 for me. 2020 was the beginning of COVID-19, we didn’t have many restrictions where I live in Queensland, Australia and I was looked after during stand downs with government payments. My partner and I got along as well as can be expected when you are suddenly with eachother day in, day out for several months. I started my tarot reading journey, collected many tarot decks and started getting paid for online readings.

At the end of 2020 I went back to work as a flight attendant and started to get busy but then the restrictions came back in for other states which made it hard to fly. There were some government payments during 2021 but not enough to get by on. I resigned as a flight attendant, a job I loved dearly due to those I worked with but the stress of less work and the 1 1/2-2 hour commute was no longer worthwhile. So after 8 years flying I got a job as ground staff at my local airport and enjoy a 10-15 minute commute. I was sad to leave my work colleagues (friends) but it was a choice I needed to make financially. I miss everyone so much.

My new job has been harder to grasp than I thought it would be. But with determination, I will get it and go to work one day without the anxiety I suffer now.

2022 for me is…FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE year.

I will achieve all my goals and 2022 will be a new beginning for I Am MaleenaEve! ❤️

Guidance in 2022 Tarot Readings

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Witches allergic to cats…

Hey there fellow Spiritual beings, it’s been a long time between posts, and for that I am truly sorry.

To bring you up to speed with what I have been up to in the last few months during COVID, I will leave some dot points.

  1. I have started doing Tarot Readings for total Strangers, mostly referred to me via Word of Mouth
  2. I have been posting regular Card of the day on Instagram
  3. I have not been to work since the end of March
  4. Thank God for Job Keeper
  5. I have allergies that have been a problem for 75 days now. I have Atopic Eczema on the usual places. This is a problem for me because I haven’t had eczema for 20 years. Things in the environment cause my eczema to flare up. I have never had it on my face, especially around my eyes. My eyes have been red, itchy and puffy for so long. I have given up wheat, gluten and dairy as advised by a Homeopath and my GP. I was finally prescribed a cream that worked wonders around my eyes and they cleared up. Today I went in my friends car and bam my eyes were itchy and i could feel them swelling up. I thought it must have been the cheese or the red wine I had last night, but when I got home my partner said CAT. And yes my friend who kindly picked me up in her car owns a CAT (a beautiful Rag Doll). I have owned cats all of my life except the past 8 years and now I and highly allergic to dander. I remember my GP mentioning it, cat owners carry fur and dander with them all the time without realizing it. The cat licks itself clean and the protein from the saliva goes on the fur that flies off into the air and attaches itself onto clothes, furnishings etc… The cat can’t help it and neither can the owner. My friends car was clean and vacuumed. What to do?

So, this Witch is allergic to cats, what familiar will ride through the night on the back of my broomstick?

Any other Witches suffer with allergies? Especially to CATs?


The Lovers…

The Lovers from Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck
by Matt Hughes.

It is the start of Gemini season, so I decided to do a blog post on The Lovers. As you can see the illustration of The Lovers by Matt Hughes is different to Pamela Colman Smiths.

  1. The lovers embrace
  2. No Sun
  3. No Angel
  4. No erupting volcano
  5. No trees
  6. No snake
The Lovers
Left: Ethereal Visions
Right: Smith-Waite Tarot


Upright: Unification, choices, harmony, relationships

Reversed: Separation, imbalance, conflict, disconnection

How romantic is this illustration? Am I right? This couple look like they just can’t get enough of each other and their embrace is so gentle. They want to be with each other because they love each other, not because of lust, they don’t look like they are about to tear one an others clothes off.

The roses are perfect, not one of them is withered or dying, they have been tended to with care and love so that they can bloom. Just like a loving relationship when both people care and want to be with the other. They have chosen to be together.

There is no harm meant in this illustration, there aren’t even thorns on the rose stems.

Instead of having the couple looking up at the Angel wanting help, they are being looked upon by Angels as depicted in the gold wings in the top corners of the card. I really love this illustration and even though it is so different to Pamela Colman Smiths I still read it the same way.

When I reverse the card I see the couple being forced together, falling into the archway, the roses petals fall off and the angel wings get ruffled, it all falls apart. The love story is no longer.


Knight of Wands…

Knight of Wands from Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck


Upright: Determination, energetic, impulsiveness, passionate.

Reversed: Anger, ego, frustration, pessimism.

Let’s Go! We’ve got this! That’s what I see in this illustration of the Knight of Wands. He’s in a hurry to join the rest of his army to fight for and protect those who need it. Even his beautiful horse is excited to join in the action.

There’s no rest for this Knight, always on the move. There’s a fire under his butt urging him on. His passion to be the hero and protector keep him going. He won’t stop until it’s done.

He is a leader, he will encourage others to keep going, stay alert, don’t stop yet.

He has confidence and knows what he wants and nothing is going to stop him from accomplishing it.

There’s a problem however with go, go, go…

The Knight can only keep going until his body and his horse says “no more, I need rest to fight another day.” This card may turn up in a spread reversed and I suggest it is time to take a step back , look at what you have achieved so far, be proud. Now take some time to rest, all the problems will still be there tomorrow. You are still a hero. If you keep pushing on this way you will only become frustrated and angry, not only with yourself but anyone or anything nearby. You don’t want to do or say something you’ll regret.

I noticed the lizards i the top corners of the card and did a little research. They mean: vision in the midst of action and they are a reminder that big results come from small conscious efforts.


Four of Swords…

Four of Swords from Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck


Upright: Contemplation, Meditation, Relaxation, Rest

Reversed: Resentment, Stagnant, Exhaustion, Frustration

The first thing I notice in this version of the Four of Swords is the figure in the artwork reminds me of the chess pieces in Wizard’s Chess from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

The figure has a steely look of concentration that would be hard to break. He is serious about his rest time. It is important that he gets his recuperation and relaxation time before his next battle (Five of Swords).

We all know how it feels when we don’t get the right amount of rest or alone time to relax our tired bodies. Meditation is important for us to sort out the clutter in our minds. For just like our bodies, our minds need a rest too.

If we don’t take that time out for ourselves and make it a priority, we begin to resent the work we are doing and we get exhausted and frustrated with those around us.

In order to gt the rest we so rightly deserve, we must make it a priority and set boundaries for ourselves. When you need a rest, take it and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for needing time to relax. We need that time to recuperate, so that we can be fully present and alert when we are needed. Make it a priority.

Take time out for yourself today, find some time to relax.


Oracle Card of the day…

Blessed Be Oracle Cards by Lucy Cavendish