Four of Swords…

Four of Swords from Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck


Upright: Contemplation, Meditation, Relaxation, Rest

Reversed: Resentment, Stagnant, Exhaustion, Frustration

The first thing I notice in this version of the Four of Swords is the figure in the artwork reminds me of the chess pieces in Wizard’s Chess from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

The figure has a steely look of concentration that would be hard to break. He is serious about his rest time. It is important that he gets his recuperation and relaxation time before his next battle (Five of Swords).

We all know how it feels when we don’t get the right amount of rest or alone time to relax our tired bodies. Meditation is important for us to sort out the clutter in our minds. For just like our bodies, our minds need a rest too.

If we don’t take that time out for ourselves and make it a priority, we begin to resent the work we are doing and we get exhausted and frustrated with those around us.

In order to gt the rest we so rightly deserve, we must make it a priority and set boundaries for ourselves. When you need a rest, take it and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for needing time to relax. We need that time to recuperate, so that we can be fully present and alert when we are needed. Make it a priority.

Take time out for yourself today, find some time to relax.


Oracle Card of the day…

Blessed Be Oracle Cards by Lucy Cavendish

Card of the day…

Two of Pentacles from Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck by Matt Hughes


Tarot Reading review by Luna on Instagram…


I met Maleena few years ago, when (I believe but I might be wrong) she still didn’t fully understand her inner power, intuition and potential. I felt there was still an undiscovered talent hidden in the sweet and sensitive person Maleena is. And now I think everybody can see it!

When she recently told me about her passion for Tarot I was curious to try it with her. It wasn’t my first tarot reading and I was expecting the usual generic information that I was given in the past by other tarot readers, which could basically apply to anybody! Maleena and I live far away from each other and I haven’t seen her in the past two years. So I did not expect an accurate reading as she doesn’t know about my life at the present moment, she didnt have any specific information about myself. Well, I was seriously impressed and amazed by the outcome!

The reading was very accurate. It was exactly what I needed to move forward. The things she wrote me (three pages!!) were spot on with my life and who I am as a person. She was very helpful because I was not sure what it was I needed to do but she guided me in the right direction. The information I received was very accurate.

I definitely recommend a reading with Maleena to anyone looking for the right direction!


Wondering Wednesday’s Giveaway…

This week I’m starting Wondering Wednesday’s where I’ll be giving away 3 Email Tarot Readings. In order to go into the prize draw head to Instagram @i_am_maleenaeve and follow the instructions. Entries close midnight 3 April 2020 Australian EST and it is open Worldwide.

Good Luck.


What have I learnt about myself today?

What have you learnt about yourself during this time of slowing down and perhaps complete lockdown? I’d love to see your comments below. You don’t have to use Tarot cards, but if you do I’d love to know which card came up for you.


How can I be of service during this time of crisis? Tarot spread…

1. What have I learned about myself so far?
2. How can I help in this time of crisis?
3. How will I help, once this crisis is over?
I hand write all of the readings I do. The information flows better that way for me.

Please leave comments on how you are helping in this crisis we are all facing. I hope my posts help in some way. Love to everyone x.