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Two of Pentacles from Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck by Matt Hughes


Tarot Reading review by Luna on Instagram…


I met Maleena few years ago, when (I believe but I might be wrong) she still didn’t fully understand her inner power, intuition and potential. I felt there was still an undiscovered talent hidden in the sweet and sensitive person Maleena is. And now I think everybody can see it!

When she recently told me about her passion for Tarot I was curious to try it with her. It wasn’t my first tarot reading and I was expecting the usual generic information that I was given in the past by other tarot readers, which could basically apply to anybody! Maleena and I live far away from each other and I haven’t seen her in the past two years. So I did not expect an accurate reading as she doesn’t know about my life at the present moment, she didnt have any specific information about myself. Well, I was seriously impressed and amazed by the outcome!

The reading was very accurate. It was exactly what I needed to move forward. The things she wrote me (three pages!!) were spot on with my life and who I am as a person. She was very helpful because I was not sure what it was I needed to do but she guided me in the right direction. The information I received was very accurate.

I definitely recommend a reading with Maleena to anyone looking for the right direction!


Wondering Wednesday’s Giveaway…

This week I’m starting Wondering Wednesday’s where I’ll be giving away 3 Email Tarot Readings. In order to go into the prize draw head to Instagram @i_am_maleenaeve and follow the instructions. Entries close midnight 3 April 2020 Australian EST and it is open Worldwide.

Good Luck.


What have I learnt about myself today?

What have you learnt about yourself during this time of slowing down and perhaps complete lockdown? I’d love to see your comments below. You don’t have to use Tarot cards, but if you do I’d love to know which card came up for you.


How can I be of service during this time of crisis? Tarot spread…

1. What have I learned about myself so far?
2. How can I help in this time of crisis?
3. How will I help, once this crisis is over?
I hand write all of the readings I do. The information flows better that way for me.

Please leave comments on how you are helping in this crisis we are all facing. I hope my posts help in some way. Love to everyone x.

How are you managing your stress right now?

My friends have been telling me how worried they are and that the stress of the possibility of losing jobs and being in lockdown is really getting to them. We haven’t been put in lockdown yet in Australia in case you are wondering. So this morning I decided to do the @biddytarot How to Manage Stress spread.

How to Manage Stress Spread
Cards Left to Right
1. What is at the heart of our stress? King of Swords
2. How can we better manage this stress? Queen of Pentacles
3. Where can we better direct our energy? Queen of Swords
4. What self love actions can we take now? King of Wands

Obviously at the moment COVID-19 is at the heart of most of our stress. The King of Swords reminds us to use our intelligence in this situation. We have all heard from people in authority that we need to wash our hands, distance ourselves from social activity, listen for updates as businesses close, only go where you need to, do not travel overseas, self isolate if you have been overseas, seek medical attention if you have any symptoms etc. It is a time to listen and to follow instructions, not only to protect yourself but to protect others who are at higher risk if they contract COVID-19.

The Queen of Pentacles reminds us to stay grounded, try to keep calm, practice that meditation you’ve been meaning to do. Catch up on your favorite shows. Take a bath in your favorite scented oils. Don’t cause yourself anymore anxiety by watching and checking for updates every 5 minutes.

The Queen of Swords is all about organizing, getting things done. Well I guess the possibility of being at home from work or working from home is going to give us extra hours in the day to get shit done around the house. Go through your wardrobe ( I personally have been meaning to do this for months) bag up clothing you no longer need, take it to the collection bins (take hand sanitizer with you), if you have kids show them how to do things around the house (things they’ll be thankful for when they leave home), do some maintenance on the car, get those weights and exercise gear out that have never been used. Organize the garage. And most of all direct your energy towards having better relationships with your family, friends and flatmates.

The King of Wands tells us to remember what we are passionate about and start up those lost hobbies we used to love doing but could never find the time. Start a new project, study something you are interested in online, read those books your got collecting dust on the shelf, become your own Boss.

We are all going through a huge change right now, no matter where we live in the world we are all going through this. Be patient and kind to others and don’t be greedy or selfish, only buy products from the supermarket you will need for a few days. Try not to waste things, find new recipes or make up your own. We will all get through this. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it and check up on your friends and family, especially those who live alone.


My First Tarot Reading…

Last week I did my first tarot reading for a complete stranger. It was nerve racking to say the least, but even though I am a total novice, I wanted to see if my intuition was serving me well. In other words I didn’t trust myself or my intuition. I also wanted to test what I had learned about the Tarot Cards and see if I could string a story together.

So, it all started one morning when I was texting a very close friend and I asked her if she knew anyone who would like a free reading. She text me back saying she knew just the person. I gave her my email address and within an hour I had my first client (paying with a review).

When I opened the email I found my very first question, “When am I going to meet my soulmate?” I thought back to every story I’d heard from professional Tarot Readers and they all say this is the most popular question they get. I had to think about a different way to ask the question because I’m not comfortable telling people dates. So I asked the querent if this question worked for them “What does (name) need to know in order to find someone to share her life with?” She was fine with that.

I set up my Tarot reading space, did a little meditation and shuffled the cards while asking the all important question. I took three cards from the top of the deck and laid them out under my crystals. These are the cards that came up:

Seven of wands, Judgement, Eight of wands
Smith-Waite Tarot

When I started writing I was a little unsure of how I was interpreting the cards. I took my time looking at each card and listened to my intuition and wrote and wrote and wrote… I was pleased with the final outcome so I pressed send and waited for my clients response. It was a long wait, but totally worth it. My client was so happy with what I said, she was surprised how accurate I was with some of her past issues. I’m so pleased 😊.

I’m curious to know how others would read/interpret this spread. If you are a Tarot reader novice-professional please leave your take on these cards in the comments below.


Intentions for March…

Monthly Intentions Spread @biddytarot

In the past 3 months I’ve been doing some serious soul searching and discovering what does and doesn’t work for me. For instance I now know that I need physical reminders to help me dig deep inside myself for my truth. Take the Tarot, I used to think these cards were evil and could tell you the future ( Satan would work through the reader). But since reading about and studying the art of Tarot myself, I’ve learned that each card has a meaning that corresponds with something in my life and I can pick a card and use it as a reminder to spend more time on myself, show more care towards others, take better care of my health, find my highest self. They make me think more deeply about things in my past and how I can use my past to move forward and also they remind me to learn from my mistakes and to let go of the things that hold me back. The cards don’t tell me who, what, where and how, they tell me that all I need is inside me by the meaning of the card giving me ideas on what I can work on in my life.

So far, every card I have chosen from the Tarot deck has clarified what I already know. In fact everything I’ve written on this blog this year has the same theme. In order for me to experience transformation, I need to forgive and let go. And all the tools I need for that are right inside me. And my intuition is my strength.

The Tarot spread above is a Monthly Intentions Spread I found on @biddytarot on Instagram.

Think of your intentions for the month coming up. Then the cards from left to right:

1. What worked in the past month?

2. What didn’t?

3. What have I learned?

4. What is the theme for the month?

For the next 3 cards set your intentions and see if the cards match your intentions.

My cards reminded me how far I’ve come this year in learning new skills, loving myself and learning to let go of beliefs that no longer serve me.

I believe that releasing and letting go is a big theme for everyone as the collective this year.

If you love Tarot, try out this spread and let me know what theme you end up with and if it resonates with you.