Knight of Pentacles

January has been a month of contemplating for you Capricorn. Thinking deeply about the past and laying plans for 2023. I believe mostly about your career path and how you want change.


The Devil

Are you going to take the easy path or the hard in February? You’ll be given the choice of working hard in a career that brings you the finances you want or choosing something you may enjoy more but only finance what you need. Neither path is wrong, it your choice between want and need.


King of Cups

In March you look more into the heart of things. Perhaps this is what kind of love you seek from others. Are you giving love the way you want to receive it? Do you appreciate the love you already have? Is what you love healthy for you?


The Hanged Man

Are you prepared to see things from a different perspective Capricorn? This month try turning things around to see other possibilities if you are seeking change in your life.



More contemplation on how you can balance your life to include more time for you. Remember you can only give from what you have. If you aren’t caring for yourself this month you may not be your best when asked for help from others. Put aside time to look after yourself this month. Don’t overdo things and say no if you feel that’s right for you.


Four of Swords

Sometimes to get clarity you need to rest Capricorn. Resting your mind is just as important as resting your body. Sit, be still for a while, meditate, what is close to your heart will come to you when you slow down. Don’t overthink what was or what you lost. Be in the here and now.


Six of Wands and Page of Wands

What you are passionate about will help you achieve victory. This may be a new passion you want to pursue or something you wanted to do when you were younger. I feel like the cards are saying this is the start of a new journey for you, you only need to take that first step and have faith in yourself.


Knight of Cups

Suit up Capricorn, it’s time for you to step out into the unknown. Lead from love, don’t let fear block you from pursuing what your heart wants. You have so much to give, your guides are with you every step of the way. Be kind and open hearted not only to others but to your self as well.


The Tower

A Tower moment brings much needed change and transformation in September. Is the “perfect “ life you want others to see really what you want? This is the push you need to transform and follow your path and not hide behind a mask of how your life “should “ look. If you’ve been stuck trying to live a life that’s not yours, take a leap of faith, trust in your decision to lead the journey that best for you without fear of what others may think.


Eight of Wands

Good news arrives just in time. You’ve been waiting for this message and it arrives suddenly. Be ready to answer and move on it. This may involve some travel but it will be worth it.


Six of Cups

Childhood memories and innocence bring you to a place of love. You may physically travel to a place that fills your heart with joy this month. Or someone from your past returns to remind you of happy times. Sharing this moment will bring forgiveness if that’s what’s needed.


Four of Wands

A family reunion and celebration are on the cards for December. Of course, this could be simply the festive season but I’m leaning more towards a return of a loved one or a wedding. But this is definitely centred around family.

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