Two of Cups

This month you’ve been working more on give and take in your relationships. You need to feel balance in all relationships. You may feel like you give a lot but quite often you need to listen more Libra, just sit and listen with your heart when someone speaks to you, really hear the truth of what they are trying to communicate.


The Hierophant

Being the valentine month you’ll be wanting all that comes from romance. You want the gestures that come from that. You may have just started a relationship and want to know what kind of commitment is offered from the other. If you are in a long relationship perhaps a proposal is on the cards. This card also shows you could be seeking advice from someone in authority of a certain subject. Look to your mentors.


Four of Pentacles

Your finances are in review this month. Have you been struggling with how you spend? Perhaps you need to write a budget and record where you spend so you can save for later and still enjoy what you earn.


The Empress

You are looking at how you can bring more self love into your life this month. You could be changing how you want to be seen both on the internal and external. Your health regime is important to you and you want to look and feel your best.


Seven of Wands

Your changes have been noticed and you are feeling great. You may have some jealous competition that will try to knock you down. You are passionate about what you do and deserve to be recognised, don’t let others make you feel like you are unworthy of your success.


Ten of Wands

You may be feeling the struggle of keeping up the hard work you’ve been doing to improve yourself in a certain situation. Don’t give up, the fire inside you to complete this is still there even though it’s tough going. You are nearly at the end of the cycle and the reward will be worth it. Also, Libra you don’t have to do everything on your own, be brave and ask for help when you need it.


Six of Wands

In July, celebrate your accomplishments. You battled through and won your “war”. Sit pretty and accept praise from those who support you.


Six of Swords

Find a way to escape your thoughts of self doubt. You may be thinking of leaving a turbulent situation or relationship. It’s time to stop fighting the battle and move on to a better place. Perhaps leaving a job or even moving to a new place and leaving everything behind will give you peace of mind.


The Emperor

The universe is telling you that you are the leader on your path. Those that depend on you look for guidance from you because they know you are not only thinking of what’s best for you but how you can serve them the best as well. You are responsible and kind and think about how your actions affect others. Believe in yourself and the type of person you are.


Three of Wands

You are looking at how you can extend what you’ve built. Maybe looking further afield with a hobby or an investment. You have what you need to do this. I get the feeling some of you are going to use an asset to fulfil a dream, perhaps an overseas holiday or study abroad.


Page of Pentacles

You have been thinking of what to invest in lately. Or even wanting to use a hobby as a side hustle, a second source of income. Take this month to mull it over and think about how it works into your life now. Whatever you choose make sure you don’t forget to invest in yourself. I feel like this is a financial gain from a gift to you, money you’ve been given that you want to put towards something good. If it’s not financial for you, I believe you have found a new way to connect to nature and to source that will bring healing for you.


Two of Swords and The Star

You are hiding from something you don’t want to see and it is causing you anxiety, but you are not 100 percent sure if it is true or not. Put down you protection and open your eyes, you will see that you have nothing to fear. Perhaps you are trying to stop others from seeing who you really are in fear of them not liking you, but this month you need to take a step of faith and show the world exactly what you are made of. It’s your time to shine not hide behind the clouds. What you have to offer will benefit everyone and those who don’t like what they see are not worth having in your space.

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