Six of Wands

You’ve had a win or are gearing up for a victory fiery Sagittarius. The month of January has seen you conquering some fears. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished.


The Lovers

This month sees you moving forward with who or what you love. It coincides with Valentines celebrations in February. If you are in a relationship and wanting to get married, it’s a good time to bring this up with your other. If they are not at the same place as you, it is not doomed, they just are ready yet. Give them time to think about it. If you are single and looking for love, put yourself in the position where you will meet other likeminded people. Hiding away, watching Netflix is not the best place to meet someone.


The Emperor

This card is telling me that you need to actually step out of your comfort zone Sagittarius in order to do what it is you want to do. You can’t sit back and expect it to appear. The Emperor is the card of Aries your fellow fire sign, think like them, go get what you want, what you are passionate about. It’s time to step up and take control of your life. What do you really want to do Sagittarius?



You have quite a few major arcana cards that showed up for your reading Sagittarius. The universe/ your guides are telling you now is the time. Seek wisdom and guidance if you need it in April. The knowledge you acquire will bring you more understanding in a certain matter. There may be something from the past that you thought was unfair, you will hear news about this.


Six of Pentacles

Compassion is key in May. I believe you have a kind heart Sagittarius and when you see people in need you want to help. When you feel like you can’t help financially, dig deeper, you have skills that are very helpful as well.


Queen of Wands

The most passionate Queen in the deck. Forget about gender, this is energy, neither male or female. This month will find you stepping up and pursuing that thing (you know the thing you’ve been talking about doing). By taking that first step , you will attract others who are likeminded and want to help you along this path you’ve chosen, your excitement will be contagious.


Seven of Pentacles

Look how your garden has grown:) or will grow. Persistence and hard work will see whatever you are building towards grow this month. You may be looking at it thinking it’s not much, but Sagittarius everything starts small, it’s when you feed and care for it that it starts to grow and bloom. You’ve done a fabulous job so far, don’t let self doubt creep in and stop you, keep going to see the rewards. Be grateful for what you already have and build upon that.


Ten of Wands

It’s another month of hard work building towards your dream. It’s tiring I know, but you don’t have much further to go, you are on the last stretch. In fact I believe when you finish this leg of the journey, you’ll be able to delegate “jobs” to others to lighten the load. You’ve got this Sagittarius.


Four of Cups

Universe is handing you this cup / opportunity to help you move forward from this rut. You see this cup and look at the other 3 in front of you. You think to yourself “ what’s different about this offer?” Well Sagittarius, you won’t know if you ignore it. Keep an eye out for new opportunities being offered to you and keep an open mind.


The Magician

Another nudge from universe. You have what you need to get through any situation Sagittarius. Universe wants you to look within again to see that the tools / ideas you seek externally actually reside internally within you. You have all the answers and it’s up to you how you put them to work. Think about it, what or who is truly stopping you from making magic in your own life?


The Devil

Now you’ve just discovered what magical skills you have Sagittarius. How are you going to use them? Will you listen to the doubt in your mind and go through another cycle of getting nowhere? Fear is an illusion, what is there really to be afraid of? Failure? Without failure, there’s no success and to succeed you need to learn lessons so you don’t keep making the same mistakes. Rise above fear this month Sagittarius.


Seven of Swords

Think carefully this December. You may get away with it, but you know what you did or are going to do and it’ll only leave you with feelings of guilt. Find another solution Sagittarius and don’t hide the problem from your loved ones/close friends they will understand and help in this particular situation. Open up, be vulnerable, you are surrounded by love.

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