Five of Cups

The beginning of 2023 May not seem like it’s going the way you thought it would. It may feel like things have actually become worse but look around you there’s still ways of starting anew. All is not lost.


Page of Cups

You are looking at things from a different perspective in February. You thought you’d lost all hope in January but now you see you have a lot of options to move forward with. Trust in the gifts universe has given you and build on those. Have hope.


Eight of Swords

Scorpio, the situation you find yourself in can be solved by simply changing your mind. Don’t blame others for choices you made. This may seem harsh but we often walk into something with our eyes wide open, then we feel trapped and start to blame those around us for offering a solution that doesn’t suit us. Or we feel like we can’t change our minds. You don’t need to see this through if you don’t want to. Your hands are not tied and you can remove the blindfold. Only you can make the choice to remove yourself from this situation. Start to trust your decisions.


Six of Pentacles

You will find yourself in a charitable state of mind this month. You’ve started reconnecting to source and see that you have a lot to offer those in need. It’s not just financial but using your gifts to offer assistance. Notice that you are abundantly blessed when you go within and recognise the gift of caring you have.


Eight of Pentacles

Building and honing the skills you already have will be in focus for you this month. Perhaps you stopped doing something you loved because you didn’t have time or resource to put into it. This month by putting in the effort you will master those skills and put them to good use and be rewarded for doing so. I get the feeling this has to do with an extra source of income.


Four of Swords

After all of the hard work you’ve put in to better yourself, you deserve a rest to re energise. You are allowed to take a break and step away from things that suck the energy out of you. If you’ve been thinking about a vacation or just a day at the spa take this time to look after YOU.


Wheel of Fortune

Your path is taking a turn for the better in July, it’s the middle of the year and a cycle is coming to the end for you. You are rested and ready to start again. There may be an Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio in your life who will bring offer of a good change for you.


Three of Wands

You will be wanting to expand on what you are passionate about. Maybe you’ve been searching for inspiration and how to use your passion to grow both spiritually and financially. Look further afield or outside the box. You have a whole world in front of you, see the possibilities.


Three of Swords and Seven of Swords

There might be a situation that brings heartache and betrayal this month. Either you or someone close to you thinks they can get away with something. Think carefully about your decisions, is it worth hurting others to gain for yourself or staying in a situation that you know is only going to hurt you. I feel like this is more Scorpio getting hurt and wanting to take revenge. Either way you will only end up regretting it.


King of Cups

A kind hearted non judgmental person will enter your life in October not gender specific. They will be someone you can confide in and help you to see and appreciate yourself more. Keep an open heart and mind this month for unexpected new perspectives. Stop judging yourself Scorpio, deep down you are that kind hearted person.


The Hierophant

You are delving more into your spirituality this month whatever that looks like to you. If you need help with it, seek someone who is an expert in that way of life or skill set. If you are into tarot and simply want to be more connected to your cards, get them out and start using them again, listen to what your heart is telling you.


The Star

The end of the year brings more knowing. You have been going through some tough situations but you are strong and are used to transformation Scorpio. Don’t forget that you have so much to offer, forget about what others think, believe in yourself and your intuition. The universe wants you to shine bright, step forward and let others really see the true wonderful, bright shining star that you are. Most of all see it yourself.

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