Black Line Tarot deck by Agni Prasada Burning


Three of Pentacles

This month you will be collaborating with others to bring together a big project or work through a difficult situation. Speak up, but also listen to others opinions and ideas because each person brings their own unique skills. Without each persons hard work it won’t come to completion.


The Fool

By completing Januarys project you now have time to explore something new. You may have a dream that others feel is foolish, this month believe in what you need to do and take a leap of faith. You will not need a lot to accomplish this dream, you just need to take the first step. Trust in your heart, a dream remains a dream until you take action.


Five of Swords

Positive thoughts are important always but in March you will suffer some internal conflict. Old habits and beliefs will be brought to the surface, possibly by someone you thought supported you in following your heart. This person is trying to get you to doubt yourself, they don’t have what’s best for you at heart. Focus on your dream, believe it is for you and move forward.


Six of Pentacles

Virgo, this month you’ll find a way to be better off financially. Following your dreams can sometimes be costly, but you have a little set aside especially for this reason. You’ve been working hard saving for that holiday, deposit on something, starting a new business, studying etc… you can afford to use what you need for your dream and still have some left over.


Queen of Cups

Be discerning this month about who you let into your space/heart. You know who to trust, if your gut tells you this is not for me then say no.


The High Priestess

Your intuition will be strong in June. You will feel the need to delve more deeply into your spiritual practices. Others may seek advice from you at this time because they trust you. Don’t let this go to your head, use your wisdom for good.


The Tower

An unexpected change this month will push you to makes some much needed changes in your life. If you don’t make these changes you will continue to feel stuck and uninspired to leave you safe space. You need to be a part of your community to make an impact.


Page of Swords

A new idea sparks joy within you this month. That excited, youthful joy that encourages you to take the challenge and work on bringing that idea to life. I feel like the meaning behind the butterflies in this card is that you need to act swiftly otherwise you will run out of time.


Page of Pentacles

You will feel drawn to nature this month, a yearning to return somewhere you loved as a child. This trip down memory lane will remind you how much you need connection with earth and how important it is to ground yourself. Perhaps an object from your past will ignite these memories.


The Moon

What has been hidden from you will be revealed this month. I feel like there is a surprise coming , don’t worry it is a good surprise. Lean in and feel the energy of the moon this month, do you know what your moon sign is? Find out here

Knowing what sign the moon was in when you were born can help you understand your emotional side.


King of Cups

You have so much love to give this month. Your cup is full, you’ve learned what you need to love yourself. Don’t allow someone else to make you feel unworthy of love and don’t give your heart to the wrong person. Does it feel right? Listen to your heart, feel your heart. If it feels like fear, walk away.


Six of Cups

By putting all your energy into just one area you won’t see other areas of your life slowly dying. Look around, you have enough love and care for more than just one thing. With just a little attention you can surround yourself with a garden not just one pot plant. Someone from your past will help you focus.

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